About Us

About Us

Our Mission

To help businesses across Canada get the maximum positive benefit from technology which they feel is simply Brilliant.

High Customer Value

We achieve the above mission by selecting and utilizing leading technologies to give customers the highest value possible from their technology investments.

Full-Service IT: We provide fully-managed IT services so our client management teams can focus on their business, while we make sure their technology works brilliantly.

Client Data Centre Solutions: Some clients need to run their own data centre operations. We are pleased to be their support team, providing architecture & planning services, supply leading technologies, and implementation services and specialist skills when needed.

Business Technology: We are one stop for our client’s technology purchasing needs from desktops and laptops, through the network devices and printers. We are able to provide various purchasing options from rental to leasing. 

Our Approach

We are a technology company built by business owners… for business owners. Our founders have operated multiple business types and as a combined team have worked in almost every major industry. Thus we have a strong context for what a business owner and manager needs from their technology. And Brilltek was created to provide the best solution to that need.

On average our management team has of over 15 years technology management experience including designing systems, planning and implementing technology projects, and supporting customers and users of technology. We have spent many years selecting, implementing and supporting technology. So when given the opportunity to create a company and solutions from the ground up… well… Brilltek is what resulted.

Our performance is top in the industry, with a incident average that is in the top 5% of managed service providers (i.e. incident average per user per month is the lowest in the industry). We are only able to achieve this by having a dedicated and motivate team, taking a proactive services approach, and ensuring technology maintenance and management is run on best-practices.


Our team’s history of success delivering industry leading technology for customers has included the following.

  • 2002: Implemented Enterprise Software for the World’s first Commercialized Natural Gas Engine company
  • 2004: Delivered Microsoft .NET solution and Storage Area Network solution for North America’s #1 ski resort
  • 2005: Design & implementation of leading multi-site data center and disaster recovery solution, and a fibre optic multi-site connection
  • 2006: Deployed VoIP and secure remote network technology to enable Canada’s first major call centre implementation utilizing an agent-at-home model
  • 2008: Implemented Canada’s largest wireless payment system across mobile networks
  • 2010: Designed & Implemented Microsoft Front-End custom solution integrated with Unix Back Office system
  • 2011: Beta-test followed by full implementation of Office 365… the first of many such implementations
  • 2013: Design & implementation of first next generation data centre technology using latest Cisco & Intel technology, combined with Cisco VoIP
  • 2016: Introduced next generation storage and encryption solution for client data security
  • 2017: Launched Pro-Audio division to complement business technology team. Entered into partnership agreements to enable industry leading solutions for customers which includes Denon, Harman Kardon, Shure, Sennheiser, Sony and more…
  • 2018: Completed advanced data-centre projects for government organizations & municipalities, including emergency response service teams. We feel so privileged to play a small part in enabling the important work they do for Canadian communities.